RI PRO clinic

KermitThis year’s RI PRO clinic will be held on Saturday February 28 at NE Tech in East Greenwich. The morning session will run from 8 am to 11:30 am. The afternoon session will be from 12:30 pm to 4 pm. This year’s instructor will be former FIFA and current MLS referee Kermit Quisenberry.  Kermit was the MLS assistant referee of the year in 2008 and 2013. Many of you remember Kermit from the 2013 regional tournament and the 2014 ODP camp. Attendance at each session will count towards 4 hours of inservice training for referees, instructors, assessors and assignors. Space will be limited and registration on gameofficials is now open.

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Quick Links

  1. How do I Become a Referee?
  2. I need to Recertify for 2015
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Replacement badges

Replacement badges are not available through the SRC, but can be purchased online from US Soccer by clicking here:  US Soccer replacement badges

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Refereeing Restarts Near The Goal

By Randy Vogt

When I watch a soccer game on TV, I “referee” it. Sometimes instant replay confirms that I was correct and sometimes it does not.

Just as everybody else, I like consistency in the refereeing. A foul is a foul is a foul. What’s a foul at midfield should be a foul inside the penalty area and I become very frustrated when the game is not officiated this way.

Arguably the most graphic evidence that referees are sometimes letting the defense get away with murder occurs on restarts by the goal. We have all seen the holding and shirt-grabbing in pro games as corner kicks and free kicks are played into the penalty area. If the same amount of contact occurred at midfield, the ref would whistle a direct kick but somehow it is expected that these fouls will go unpunished near the goals. So much so that a large amount of contact by the goal has filtered down to some youth games.

In April 2007, I went on a tour of the English Premier League, watching several games, including Sheffield United vs. Newcastle United. Since Sheffield coach Neil Warnock is a referee-baiter, I rooted for Newcastle. Referee Mark Halsey and his ARs unfortunately did not have a good performance. They lacked teamwork and Halsey let the players, rather than him, control the match in a game that definitely needed control. The penalty area became a bit of a war zone as the players knew that the ref was not going to make any important decisions there. What would Warnock have said had he had as clear a view as the ref, or me sitting behind the Newcastle goal, of the two hands grabbing a Sheffield player’s jersey, preventing him from jumping to head the ball just a few yards from goal off a corner kick?

In a boys U-16 game that I refereed a couple of years ago, a free kick was crossed into the penalty area at the start of the game. There was contact between two defenders and one attacker as the attacker tried to get into position to head the ball. The contact was not putting a body on the attacker to prevent a free header but rather, one defender pushed the attacker from behind as he tried to head the ball, so I whistled a penalty kick. A couple of defenders complained.

The assistant referee on that side, not far from the defending team’s bench, said that none of the coaches complained and I told him that those coaches know me and know that I am simply going to enforce the Laws of the Game. Besides, as I told the AR, “If I had not called that foul, we would have had holding and pushing on every play near the goal.”

Obviously, it was easier for me to whistle what for some was an unexpected penalty kick as there were not thousands of fans watching and many more viewing on TV. That’s just one example but come to any of my games and the matches of some other refs and you will not see the clutching and grabbing by the goal that you might see in other games.

All we need are some PKs whistled around the world and defenders would get the memo that they can no longer get away with fouling on restarts. If refs follow that up by continuing to be consistent in their foul decisions throughout the field, scoring will increase as attackers will no longer be fouled without punishment by the goal.

(Randy Vogt has officiated over 9,000 games during the past three decades, from professional matches in front of thousands to 6-year-olds being cheered on by very enthusiastic parents. In “Preventive Officiating,” he shares his wisdom gleaned from thousands of games and hundreds of clinics to help referees not only survive but thrive on the soccer field. You can visit the book’s website at www.preventiveofficiating.com.)

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2015 Call for Volunteers

Members of the Referee Community,

The State Referee Committee (SRC) is a 100% volunteer organization.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in running the statewide referee program that goes into the many events that we run throughout the year.  We are currently looking for volunteers that are willing to serve on the SRC in various capacities in order to expand the program:

Treasurer  (http://bit.ly/1ugAzHv)
Publicity (http://bit.ly/1ycI07t)
Event Planner (http://bit.ly/1CCV2ea)
Content Developer (http://bit.ly/1yyIO7k)

If you are interested, please contact me directly at sra@risrc.net or 401-692-7285.

Service as an administrator does not require any specific refereeing ability.  This is a great opportunity to meet people, gain experience, and make a huge impact on our referee community!

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January 2015 meeting minutes

All SRC meeting minutes and officer reports are available here: January 2015 meeting reports

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2014 Fall Superliga Rule Book

You will need the most current Superliga rule book to find answers to many of the Grade 9 recert test questions

(Contains 1 attachments.)
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Registration record

If it’s not listed in your gameofficials registration record, it didn’t count towards your inservice training hours

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2015 referee certification

Your 2015 registration record in your gameofficials account should look like this. If it doesn’t be sure to use the link above to obtain the needed information to complete your registration for 2015

2015 records approved

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November 2014 SRC Board Meeting Minutes

Have been posted to the administration tab under 2014 meeting minutes

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Accept or decline games by email in gameofficials


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