How to register for courses in gameofficials

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Quick Links

  1. How do I Become a Referee?
  2. I need to Recertify
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New Grade 8 course available

The RISRC is offering a Grade 8 In-Service Training June 6th, 6-8PM, at the North Providence Union Free Public Library, 1820 Mineral Spring Ave, N Prov, RI in the Community Room.
We will review “Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct” to include cautionable and sending-off offenses.

Maximum capacity for this room is 60. If reached, no one will be allowed to walk in.
If you register but do not plan to attend, please remove yourself to make room for others.

Remember that early arrival is on time and on time arrival is late. A $5 fine will be added to your registration if you register for a course and do not show up. If you are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the course. Finally, any referee who arrives more than 15 minutes late for an instructional event will be denied entry. Also, any referee who leaves prior to the scheduled end of any instructional event will not receive credit for attending that event.

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Conflict of Interest

In addition to the U.S. Soccer Federation Polices 531-1 and 531-6, officials should take steps to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest.

  • Not officiate in any match where there is a vested interest
  • “Vested interest” is defined as when the official or a member of the official’s family (spouse, child or parent) or that person’s team may be affected by the outcome of the proceeding or match.
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New Appointment

Steve Mauricio has been appointed to Region 1 Referee Committee.  We congratulate Steve on this new opportunity. Steve has served for many years as our State Referee Administrator. Steve has also had two opportunities to present Rhode  Islands Identification process and implementation at the Federation Referee AGM in Chicago to other states and their board members. Steve has worked closely with the regional referee committee for the past few years attending many USYS and USClub events and meetings. Steve will continue to serve as RI SRA.  His ideas such as our  Elite Referee travel team and Academy Referee Panel  are admired by other states. This new position should bring new and continued opportunities to RI referees.

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Referee Abuse Directive


There have been a number of issues brought to my attention this season. In addition, I witnessed one coach this past weekend, who I spoke to during the game but was never addressed by the referee in a U12 game. We need to do a better job during the game of dealing with abuse.

So what is ABUSE?

What are the signs as to when the referee should get involved?

Not limited to:

  1. Constant complaining from the bench.
  2. Questioning every decision
  3. Sarcastic remarks
  4. Personal attacks
  5. Gyrating actions
  6. Kicking or throwing objects
  7. Unpleasant comments by the spectators or parents
  8. Personal attacks on any member of the officiating crew
  9. If you are threatened in any way

Let’s be clear, this is not the case in every game. Raise your awareness level. Protect our younger referees. They do not deserve the abuse. The question you must ask yourself.

Would I want my son or daughter or my mom or dad to be treated like this? If the answer is no, then you should not take the ABUSE either.

What do I need to do?

Ask, Tell, Dismiss Process

The following process is recommended for all officials to follow relative to conduct within the technical area.

  • Ask

If a situation arises where there is irresponsible behavior, you are to ASK the person(s) to stop.

  • Tell

If there is another occurrence where there is irresponsible behavior, you are to inform that person that the behavior is not permissible and TELL them (insist) to stop.

  • Dismiss

If the non-accepted actions continue, you must REMOVE that person immediately.

These are the recommended steps from U.S. Soccer but they are not necessary if the behavior and conduct of personnel within the technical area requires immediate dismissal. Remember, where circumstances permit, use a “gentle escalate” approach so that referee team responses match the nature of the bench behavior. Try to use the least intrusive response that will solve the problem.

Be sure to review the ASK, TELL, DISMISS video at US Soccer by clicking on this link:

What You Can Say

Phrases you can say to bench personnel in a polite, respectful, and concise fashion. Comments should be short, to the point, said in a way that will not provoke a negative response:

  • “I hear you” or “I understand you, coach”
  • “Coach, talk to me”
  • “Coach, I will listen to you but not the rest of the bench”
  • “I will pass along the message”
  • “I will talk to the ref/AR”
  • “We will talk about it at half time”
  • “Talk to me rather than shouting”
  • “I know how important this game is to you, it is just as important to us”
  • “Coach, I understand you are upset but you need to calm down”
  • “I can see you don’t agree with the call, but PLEASE – settle down”
  • “Please stop being so visual. Talk to me but don’t wave your hands”
  • “The ref got it, give him a chance”
  • “Where are you going”
  • “Don’t do it”
  • “The ref was there”
  • “This is a game of angles; we have a different angle than the referee”
  • “If I have to call the referee over, you will be dismissed”
  • “Coach, please talk to your assistant, he is getting close my having to take official action”

What You Can’t Say

Officials should avoid any open ended phrases that conjure up debate or that “add fuel to the fire” by inviting further heated conversation Officials cannot:

  • Curse, use abusive or insulting language: “Coach, shut up and sit down”
  • Criticize the members of the referee team: “I agree – he’s having a bad day”
  • Attack or criticize the coach or his team
  • Say what you would have done in that situation
  • Make physical contact with bench personnel
  • Issue threats unless you are ready to enter the “Dismiss” phase and you are ready to follow-through
  • Use phrases that invite further debate or negative discussion

Reasons Why We Don’t Take Action

  • Want to be “friends” with bench personnel
  • Afraid to address or lack of confidence to deal with any altercation
  • Don’t want confrontation
  • Don’t want to be “bad guys”
  • Intimidated by coaches
  • Feel assignments will be impacted negatively
  • Will see the coach again
  • The referee may have made a bad decision. However, the referee’s decision, right or wrong, should not impact other official’s decision to deal with the technical areas
  • Feel it is the referee’s game and other officials don’t want to negatively impact the referee’s game

Actions That “Cross the Line”

The following is a list of actions that require the referee to “dismiss” the appropriate person from the technical area. Dismissal for non-playing personnel should be written as “irresponsible behavior” and specific details noted on the game report.

As a general rule, TELL twice, then REMOVE. Think persistent infringement. Try to prevent getting to the TELL stage. Remember, it is not ASK, TELL . . . TELL . . . TELL . . . TELL, then REMOVE.

  • Coach/bench personnel leaving technical area (including entering the field) to dispute/dissent a call – even if the call isn’t what he thinks it is
  • Coach/bench personnel throwing/kicking anything while disputing a call
  • Coach/bench personnel kicking/hitting advertising boards or bench in dispute of a call
  • Directed abusive, insulting or offensive language and/or gestures
  • Inflammatory and/or aggressive behavior (verbal and/or physical) with the opposition
  • Interfering with the restart of play and field players
  • Making unwanted and/or aggressive contact with opposing players
  • Interfering with the AR or fourth official in the performance of their duties


In the event that you have dismissed a team official or feel that you have been abused/assaulted.

1.Call your assignor immediately after the game

2.Completely document all the pertinent facts with your crew before leaving the venue. If you feel threatened, leave the venue and meet somewhere nearby.

3.Call the SRA within 24 hours to report any suspected abuse or assault.

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Amilcar Sicaju inspirational story

On May 16, 2015 I walked into the field for my first NWSL game between The Boston Breakers Vs. Portland Thorns FC; my first professional game of my career. I was the 4th official of the match. This is marked on my calendar as one of the greatest achievements in the past 18 years of refereeing. I was just as nervous as the 1st day I stepped onto the field in a referee uniform for my U8 game. My hands were sweaty, my legs felt weak and the nerves were kicking in. For me it did not matter what role I had in the crew. My job was just as important as everybody else’s in the crew and I wanted to do my best for a successful match. After the initial whistle and after the nerves settled down, I realized that I had the best seat in the house and enjoyed every minute of it. I finished the year with 3 NWSL games . 2 were in Boston and 1 was in Western New York.
On February 13 of this year, a week after coming back from National Camp in Arizona, I received an E-mail from Sandra Serafini, the Women’s Referee Manager for the Professional Referee Organization (PRO). The email was inviting me to attend the NWSL pre-season camp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I could not contain my excitement and replied right away.
The camp was held on March 18th through the 21st. There were 43 referees invited and being part of such an elite group was just an honor and such an amazing experience. The room was filled with National and FIFA referees. At registration we picked up our training shirts, got our ears molded for the communication systems and got our body composition measured by the organization’s sport scientist. Throughout the weekend we received amazing instructions and field training by some of the top instructors in the country. The instructions received were very clear and geared towards the expectations from us at this level. We watched a lot of videos. Some of them were on what to do and some of them were on what not to do. Most videos were league games from last year and most of the referees in the video were also present in the room. Having 43 of the top referees in the country critique you on video is something that was not comfortable at the beginning. At this level is something we have to get used to as every play will be replayed, slowed down and critiqued by people all over the country. The pressure of getting every call correct is elevated by knowing that your performance is being judged every single minute of the game. The meals for the 3 days were provided and chosen by the organization’s nutritionist.
As I looked around the room I couldn’t help to notice that we had people from all over the world. One of the reasons I love the sport is because it brings people from different parts of the world together. The passion for the sport is a universal language that could be understood by everybody. I have attended many events in the past 18 years and I have noticed that the best referees are also the most humble people I have ever met; the NWSL camp was not the exception. After critiquing ourselves on video, we also recognized that it’s a lot easier to get the call correct when you are able to slow it down, pause and rewind the video as many times as we want. On the other hand we have to be aware that we are subject to this on every call we make. The part-time to make some extra cash has become a profession and like any other profession, it requires dedication, discipline, passion and hard work. People’s jobs are at stake, players careers are in your hands and every call counts.
We all started refereeing for similar reasons. My reason for continuing has changed throughout the years, however my passion for refereeing has just gotten stronger. One of the toughest challenges I am faced with every day is to be able balance family, work and refereeing. Being part of the 2016 NWSL pre-season camp has only increased my hunger to keep growing as a referee and to become one of the best in the country. Being part of the 2016 NWSL pre-season has increased my hunger for continuing to have the best seat in the house.
Follow your dreams, but most of al work hard for them. They will become reality when you least expect it

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Woman’s referee committee hosting a meeting

On April 21

6:30-8:30 at SRC office 1150 New London Ave Cranston RI

The  Woman’s referee committee will host a FEMALE ONLY meeting.

Topics that will be covered: Image Improvement, Professionalism, Game officials review, TOP 100 and more.

You will need to register in gameofficals

Registered referees and assignors that attend will get 2 hours inservice credit

Contact Lisa Carter for registration codes 401-309-4024

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April 2016 class offerings

Each month, we will continue to offer inservice training opportunities for all grades. We will continue to schedule events in your area throughout the year. All courses are now posted in game officials under referee courses. They are grade specific so be sure that you have pre-registered in game officials to insure that you are able to obtain credit for attending. You are welcome to attend training in addition to the 4 hours necessary for recertification.

There are 3 field training sessions scheduled in April. Field training sessions require you to observe a live game being played. You will observe the referee crew from the pre-game through the post game and make live observations. These sessions do not require you to wear your uniform. These games are live and subject to change, be sure to check game officials before you leave for your clinic. There must be 10 officials registered for any class or it is subject to be cancelled. 

1. Class 15502 on April 10 in North Kingstown for all grade 9 referees and counts towards 2/4 inservice hours required annually.

2. Class 15500 on April 16 in Warwick is for all grade 8 referees 

3. Class 15498 on April 24 in Barrington is for all grade 9 referees

There is 1 classroom session scheduled in April:

1. Class 15261 on April 12 in North Providence is for any grade 9 referee to meet 2/4 inservice training hours needed.  

These sessions can all be used for late 2016 registration by indicating on the sign in sheet and letting the instructor know.

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Laws of the Game: Law 11 – Offside

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March Super Liga Course Offerings

2016 Spring Super Liga – UDPATE


From:  Ed Martins
          Director of the Referee Initiative Program
          Rhode Island Youth Super Liga (The Super Liga)

This a friendly reminder to my email that I sent a few weeks ago.
ALL RI USSF Referees who will be officiating in the 2016 Spring Super Liga must attend a pre-season meeting.

Our pre-season meetings start this week on Wednesday, March 2 at Smithfield High School for those who will be officiating in the U8 age group.

The State Referee Committee will credit every referee two hours of in-service training toward their 2017 Certification for attending one of the Super Liga Referee Regional Meetings.

To be sure that you receive the credit you must pre-register for one of the meetings above in GAME OFFICIALS.  If you have any questions about registering for the meetings in GAME OFFICIALS, please contact Brian Sperlongano at

If you have any questions regarding the meetings, please contact me at

U8 REFEREES  ( Referees who will be officiating  mostly U8 games, must attend one of these meetings)
CENTRAL  3/26 Saturday, 9:00-11:00am  Radisson Hotel, Warwick
NORTH   3/2  Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm  Cafeteria, Smithfield High School, Smithfield
EAST 3/9  Wednesday,  6:30-8:30pm   Cafeteria, Mt Hope High School, Bristol
SOUTH 3/20  Sunday,  1:00-3:00pm  Cold Spring Center, North Kingstown

INTERMEDIATE REFEREES (Referees who have been officiating 4 years or less, and plan to officiate U9-U14)
CENTRAL  3/26  Saturday,  1:00-3:00pm  Radisson Hotel, Warwick 
NORTH 3/16  Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm Cafeteria, Smithfield High School, Smithfield 
EAST  3/23  Wednesday,  6:30-8:30pm  Cafeteria, Mt Hope High School, Bristol
SOUTH 3/20  Sunday,  4:00-6:00pm Cold Spring Center, North Kingstown

EXPEREINCED REFEREES  (Referees who have been officiating over 4 years and officiate U14-U19
March 19, Saturday , 8:30-10:30am, Sheraton Hotel, Warwick 
March 30,  Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm  –  Cafeteria, Mt Hope High School, Bristol

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