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Top 10 Referees

Returning for a second year, in order to develop the next generation of referees, the State Referee Committee has established the Grade 8 Power Rankings, which recognizes those Grade 8 Referees under the age of 25 in the state that have distinguished themselves by their level of assignment and fitness. This is the final ranking list for the 2013-2014 Season! Standings will be reset in the fall.

We congratulate those referees that have qualified for Higher Grades and will no longer be listed.

Grade 8 Referee Power Rankings

2014 Final List

August 14, 2013 to August 12, 2014

1 Joey Dipalma 1
ASHAWAY | Games: 63 (29 Ref, 34 AR) | Fitness +11%
Best Referee: NORTHEAST LEAGUE U16B | Best AR: RISL O30/O40
2 Steve Mauricio 4
TIVERTON | Games: 40 (14 Ref, 26 AR)
Best Referee: RIWSL Women | Best AR: NELASA Men
3 Mia Bucco 4
EAST GREENWICH | Games: 52 (27 Ref, 25 AR) | Fitness +2%
Best Referee: RIWSL Women | Best AR: PREMIER LEAGUE U17G
4 Joshua Fenton 4
WEST GREENWICH | Games: 40 (24 Ref, 16 AR)
5 Harlyn Juarez 3
PROVIDENCE | Games: 24 (12 Ref, 12 AR)
Best Referee: NEP U13B | Best AR: SNESC Men
6 Slater Cook-dumas 4
TIVERTON | Games: 45 (16 Ref, 29 AR) | Fitness +10%
Best Referee: Super Liga U16B | Best AR: NEP U18B
7 Michelle Krol 4
SMITHFIELD | Games: 17 (5 Ref, 12 AR)
Best Referee: RIWSL Women | Best AR: State Cup U15B
8 Rebecca Mauricio 6
TIVERTON | Games: 15 (3 Ref, 12 AR)
Best Referee: RIWSL Women | Best AR: State Cup U17G
9 Mike Faria 3
WEST WARWICK | Games: 32 (19 Ref, 13 AR)
Best Referee: Maple U13B | Best AR: NPSL Men
10 Nick Linacre 7
CAROLINA | Games: 52 (22 Ref, 30 AR)
Best Referee: Super Liga U19B | Best AR: State Cup U13B
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Accept or decline games by email in gameofficials


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Recertification for 2015

Know your recert requirements for 2015, many have changed for those grades 7 and above. Now is the time to register for fall on field recert clinics. The deadline for registration remains December 31, 2014

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Conflicts of Interest

In addition to the U.S. Soccer Federation Polices 531-1 and 531-6, officials should take steps to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest.

  • Disqualify themselves from participating in any match where there is a vested interest

“Vested interest” is defined as when the official or a member of the official’s family (spouse, child or parent) or that person’s team may be affected by the outcome of the proceeding or match.

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2014 State Cup Semi-Finals, in Pictures

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Sample Crew contact email

the below sample email should be sent  48-72 HOURS before your scheduled match

ASSIGNMENT PLEASE REPLY   should be your subject line

We are working together tomorrow for a 1 pm kick off in Coventry. Let’s meet in the parking lot by 12:15. Let’s bring long and short sleeves just in case. I would prefer two stripe socks if possible. If not let’s do 3. Please confirm.

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I wanted to review the Open Games process and how it affects each of you.  The Super Liga introduced the OPEN GAMES feature (ref below pic) this year to help communicate available games to the referees.  This process was set up to help communicate games that have not been assigned, have been declined and/or are still pending in the Super Liga system.  The open games are for Super Liga games only.

How Open Games process works:
1. Referee logs onto Super Liga Referee Assignments database
2. Referee selects “open games” (show below) and selects dates of interest.
Note: referee should only go out 1 week to view available games (ex. on  April 8, referee should select dates of April 12 or 13).
Note: Assignors typically do not assign more than 1 week ahead.
3. Referee selects game they are interested in covering.
4. Referee e-mails assignor informing them of interest in covering game.
5. Assignor will inform referee if they still need help covering game.


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double headers be CONSISTENT

if you are assigned to a match in a league; premier league for example; where the teams are playing two games in same day at same field and with the same crew.

your CREW must be consistent with rules.


For example if a player is allowed to use a brace in the first match you need to be consistent and allow the brace in the second match

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Veterans Cup opportunity AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE

Last year, in conjunction with the USASA’s Veterans Cup, USASA sponsored the Grade 7 Module training for any referees interested in taking the course and reffing at the Veterans Cup.  Last year it was very successful and well received.  We want to offer this again this year.   We have the cooperation from the Virginia State Referee Association and they will be involved in this training.
How this works…any State that wants to send referees to take this course may do so.  The course will be held on Tuesday, July 8 from 9AM to 5PM.  Referees from out of state may have to arrive on Monday, July 7th, and you will be responsible for the hotel stay for Monday night.  Following the course, the referees may stay and referee at this years Veterans Cup, where we would team them up with experienced referees.  They would work both as a center referee and assistant referees doing Adult Games at the Veterans Cup.
If this is something that you would like to take advantage of, I will need the names of the referees that you want to send ASAP.  We would need to know how many referees are interested in order to finalize this.  I would like all names by April 15th if possible.
Thanks for your interest in USASA events and looking forward to hear from you.  If you have a any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Referees who wish to attend Will go at their own expense
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