2011-2012 Laws of the Game Update

US Soccer has released a memorandum describing this year’s updates to the Laws of the Game. There are very few changes in this year’s update; one item that is a specific change is to prohibit “snoods” — an item worn around the neck like a neck warmer and used in Europe.

Did you know?

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is the international body that decides the Laws of the Game of soccer. The IFAB is composed of FIFA, which has four votes, and representatives from each of the UK’s pioneering football associations – England’s Football Association (The FA), the Scottish Football Association (SFA), the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and Northern Ireland’s Irish Football Association (IFA), each of which get one vote. Thus, FIFA’s approval is necessary for any IFAB decision, but FIFA alone cannot change the Laws of the Game – they need to be agreed by at least two of the UK members.

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Devin Miller is the State Youth Referee Administrator
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