August Monthly Seminar: Wednesday, August 10th

The monthly seminar series continues this Wednesday, August 10 with two sessions. Note that this is a change from the originally announced date!

6:00-7:30PM (Intermediate)
1. You make the calls: Identifying Retaliation
2. Review of recent USSF Memoranda
3. Hydration Issues

7:30-9:00PM (Advanced)
1. You make the calls: Denying an obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity & Tactical Fouls

As always, the clinics are held at the Holiday Inn Express, 901 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick. In order to get credit towards your 2012 referee certification, you must register for the seminar online, at https://RIReferees.GameOfficials.NET/.

About Devin Miller

Devin Miller is the State Youth Referee Administrator
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