2012 Upgrade Opportunities

For referees interested in upgrading from Recreational Referee Grade 9 to Referee Grade 8, a 3-hour “Bridge” class will be held at the Soccer RI Expo in March. At the end of the class, referees will take the Grade 8 Recertification exam. The fee for the class is $20. Referees that complete the class will be upgraded in-cycle to Grade 8 for the 2012 referee year.


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For referees interested in upgrading from grades 8, 7, or 6 to the next higher grade, an upgrade clinic will be also at the Soccer RI Expo. In addition to the upgrade clinic, upgrading referees must also complete the required fitness, assessment, game count, and eligibility requirements as described in the Referee Administrative Handbook.

Please visit Upgrading to Grade 7, 6, 5 for a full description of the high-grade upgrade process.

About Devin Miller

Devin Miller is the State Youth Referee Administrator
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