Replacing a missing official


Occasionally things happen that are out of our control.  Perhaps you’re violently ill from that Chinese food you ate last night.  Whatever the reason, if you absolutely, positively, cannot do a game you’ve been assigned, let your assignor know immediately!  Assignments are made for a reason — do NOT try to find a replacement for yourself.

If you are running late to a game, you should call the other officials assigned to the game to let them know.  Every assigning system has the ability to give you the phone number and email address of the other officials on a game.  In the Super Liga system, you can right-click on an official’s name to get this information.  Make sure you have contact information for the other officials available to you before game time!

If you are at a field to work a game, and one of the other assigned officials is not there, it is OK for another certified referee who is properly dressed to fill in and be paid.  However, you MUST let the assignor know that this happened afterwards so that they can get proper credit for working the match!

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Steven Mauricio is the State Referee Administrator
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