Grade 6 upgrade course now available

Referees who wish to upgrade from Grade 7 to Grade 6 must notify the SRA that they have completed the following requirements in the prior year, at which point they will be permitted to take the State Referee Exam:

  1. Complete the online State Referee Course from US Soccer.
  2. Attend at least two (2) hours of in-service training led by a national instructor in addition to meeting the in-service training requirements for recertification as a Grade 7 Referee (8 hours total).
  3. Pass the FIFA Sprint and Interval Test at the standard established by the SRC.
  4. Complete annual game count of 10 adult games including as Referee, officiate five (5) adult matches
  5. Previous game experience: As Referee, officiate 25 full length matches, or Regional matches with 40+ minute halves
  6. Pass two (2) field assessments as Referee which meet the sufficient test criteria by two different State Assessors.  Both assessments must occur in the same calendar year.  At least one (1) assessment must be as Referee in a three (3) referee system  game.  Allowable minimum match levels include:
    1. Professional matches, such as PDL, NPSL, WPSL, or their equivalents
    2. Men’s amateur with 45 minute halves
    3. Regional or National Youth Cup matches with minimum  40 minute halves or their equivalent
    4. US Soccer Development Academy or ECL matches with a minimum of 40 minute halves or their equivalent.

About SRA

Steven Mauricio is the State Referee Administrator
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