Grade 7 upgrade course is now available in gameofficials

Referees who wish to upgrade from Grade 8 to Grade 7 must:

  1. Provide a game count to SRA in order to obtain the override code to register in gameofficials.
    1. Entry to the Grade 7 course is restricted to individuals that have worked 5 games as referee in 80 minute competitive matches or higher.
  2. Complete the Grade 7 Referee course.
  3. Pass the USSF Grade 7 Exam
  4. In order to be eligible to referee at the U19 competitive level or higher, Grade 7 referees must also pass one field assessment and pass the FIFA Sprint and Interval Test at the Grade 7 level.  Referees that fail or choose not to complete these additional requirements will continue to retain their grade but will not be eligible to work at the higher level.

About SRA

Steven Mauricio is the State Referee Administrator
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