May Challenge

For the next 4-6 weeks, the soccer calendar is at its busiest time of the year. Referees have multiple competitions to choose from including State Cups, RI Cup, league games including make up games will all be played during this period.

Each referee has a unique opportunity over this period to challenge themselves. This period will provide the most income for those officials who are saving for college or are returning from college and looking for work. If you are interested in upgrading, look for open games in that category, this is the easiest time to get those games. Work outside of your comfort zone by traveling out of your town or region to work more challenging games. You can add up Top 100 points during this period to improve your RI Cup Finals assignments. 

Raise your hand and reach out to your local, regional or state assignor and ask for games. They are more than willing to have the most help that they can get during this period. 

Manage your availability wisely and make sure your calendars are up to date in each assignment system that you use. If your name appears as available in the assigning system, don’t be surprised if you get an assignment that you weren’t expecting. Assignors are looking outside of their regulars at this time of year. If you are unable to do the match, decline quickly and follow up via phone, text or email to explain why. It will help you greatly in the long run. 

If you must decline an already accepted assignment, don’t hide behind the button. Reach out to your assignor and explain why.

If you receive a “higher level” assignment or maybe its just a game that you want to do, reach out to both assignors via email and explain. Remember that all cup games but especially state cup games take priority over most games. Reach out to your assignor if you are not sure which game takes priority. 

This period will end quickly and your opportunity will be gone until next year. Seize your moment.

Steven Mauricio

Rhode Island State Referee Administrator 


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Steven Mauricio is the State Referee Administrator
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