RISRC Announcement – August 9 2020

RISRC Newsletter – August 9 2020

The Rhode Island Department of Health has expressed repeated concerns about continuous physical contact and players breathing on each other. At this time, RI does not allow for inter-team games but does allow for a focus on practices, clinic training, and scrimmages within stable groups. Without the allowance of inter-team games and league play, competitive travel for the upcoming fall season will NOT be permitted until further notice. SRI recommends that clubs focus on their Fall Recreation House play. At each individual club’s discretion, recreation house play may include practices and scrimmages between 3 stable groups of 15 people which includes players, coaches, and volunteers for the entirety of the season, up to a total of 50 people. 

  The RISRC is in complete agreement with SRI. We believe that competitive matches (at any age level) should not be played until further notice. With that in mind, the RISRC would like to STRONGLY SUGGEST that all referees REFRAIN from officiating any matches until further notice. It is possible that you will receive notifications from league assignors or directly from Rhode Island leagues asking for your availability and your services (as well as possibly getting notifications from Massachusetts or Connecticut leagues as well). As an independent contractor, the RISRC cannot force you not to officiate – but in that same breath, no league can force you to officiate. The decision to work is ultimately yours and yours alone.

If you decide to work in Recreational situations, the RISRC strongly recommends (1) you get tested on a regular basis, even if you have no symptoms (https://health.ri.gov/covid/testing/asymptomatic/), (2) you should work with the SAME group of Rec players every time, and (3) you should wear a mask at all times (even on field – either use an electronic whistle or put the whistle under your mask).

A copy of this email will be sent to all local leagues and assignors so they understand the position of the RISRC. If you have any questions, please direct them to either Mark Oliver (sdi@risrc.net) or Juan Montalvan (sra@risrc.net).

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