USSF 2021 License Extension Clarification – September 3 2020

Please understand that you do NOT need to enroll in a full license issuing course, as your 2021 license has already been issued and is on your profile. Please ensure that you have also completed the following items if applicable:

LOGT Refresher

Keep up to date your background check, based on its expiration date

Keep up to date SafeSport training, based on its expiration date

State specific requirements as shared by SRC

The first three items are all available as free standalone modules in the Learning Center under supplemental courses.

If you the referee sign up for a 2021 course in the Learning Center, it will charge you the whole fee. As a reminder, 2020 referees who have had their licenses extended do NOT need to do this if the 2021 license is visible on their profile. If you do, it will create a duplicate license and charge the referee the full registration course cost.

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