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The State Referee Committee is committed to continuously improve the quality of soccer officiating in the state of Rhode Island. We welcome constructive feedback to referees regarding their performance during a match.

This form is not to be used to appeal decisions made by referees during a match

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Fairness: Were the officials fair to both teams?

Timeliness: Were the officials at the field with ample time prior to kickoff?

Appearance: Were the officials wearing proper referee uniforms? This should include black socks, black shorts and matching colored jerseys

Professionalism: Were the officials communicating with the coaches, players and amongst themselves in a respectful and courteous manner? Did the officials demonstrate a competent knowledge of the laws of the game and apply them appropriately?

Fitness: Did the officials demonstrate a level of fitness that allowed them to keep up with the play of the game?

Foul Recognition: Please give your opinion on the appropriateness of fouls called in the match.

Red / Yellow Cards: Please give your opinion on the appropriateness of red/yellow cards issued in the match

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