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The SRC encourages officials to seek challenging out-of-state developmental tournament and special match assignments. In order to provide these opportunities to motivated officials, the SRC will reserve a limited amount of funds to reimburse officials for travel expenses incurred, subject to the terms in the RI Referee Handbook.

Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of requested expenses. Referees will only be reimbursed for approved expenses. Referees are responsible for making all travel arrangements. Due to the time needed to approve these requests, please submit the request as soon as possible.

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Event / Match (e.g. "Region 1 U23 Cup")

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What is the amount of pay you expect to receive for this event?

Please indicate below which travel expenses for which you are seeking assistance. Any expenses which are paid for by the host event must not be requested here. Receiving reimbursement for expenses which are already provided for will constitute fraud.

I am planning to travel to this event by air and the cost of airfare is not paid for by by the event. Note: should you choose a more expensive flight than authorized by the SRC, additional costs above those authorized will not be reimbursed.

No ground transportation is provided between the airport and the event location. A rental car, taxi ride, or public transportation is required. Only the most cost-effective method of ground transportation may be authorized. If multiple officials are travelling to the same event, ground transportation should be shared. If a rental car is required, please describe the reason below.

No lodging is provided at the event. If approved, lodging costs equal to the US Government per diem lodging rate for the event location may be authorized. If multiple officials of the same gender are travelling to an event, double occupancy lodging may be authorized.

I will travel to the event using my personal vehicle and request mileage reimbursement, which covers fuel and "wear and tear".
Round-trip distance to the event: miles

Meals are not provided or meals are partially provided. Please list which meals are provided by the event (e.g. "breakfast and lunch provided on all days"):

Please describe any other expected expenses not listed above.

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The process for approving or declining requests for travel assistance is described in Section 9 of the RI Referee Handbook. I certify that I have read and understood this section of the handbook. If there are any questions, please address them to the SRC Treasurer

I have read and understand the rules for referee travel