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Certification classes for new referees are posted on GameOfficials.NET.

Upcoming certification classes

Grade 9 Recreational Referee:

Reg Year: 2015
2015 Referee: Course: Grade 9 New Referee
  Date Location Host Registered
9977-9NEW  Feb 1, 2015 TIVERTON, RI  RI SRC  3 of 45 
9972-9NEW  Feb 8, 2015 WARWICK, RI  RI SRC  12 of 45 
9974-9NEW  Feb 15, 2015 NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI  RI SRC  5 of 45 
9976-9NEW  Feb 22, 2015 N SMITHFIELD, RI  RI SRC  7 of 45 

Grade 8 Referee:

There are no approved courses for the selected type

Note that classes are scheduled at certain times of year based on the needs and schedules of our local leagues. As such, new referee training is typically offered over the winter (Jan-Feb) and during the summer (Jun-Aug). Any local organization able guarantee an attendance of 15 new referees may request a class in their town, with a minimum of 30 days advance notice.

Once you have been through the entry-level class, completed all the requirements and have your badge: Now what? The class you took taught you a lot about the Laws of the Game and the mechanics of refereeing, but there are still probably many questions you might have about being a referee.

Based on feedback from thousands of new referees just like you and with the help of more experienced referees who have been where you are now, this information has been put together as a source of helpful tips and advice. All referees, including those who have done World Cup Games, have started just like you and have learned these lessons the hard way. The advice found here will get you off to the best possible start.

Remember to have fun!

Information for New Referees (.pdf)

In order to get started and receive game assignments, you should contact a local assignor.