Upgrade to Grade 8

For Grade 9 Referees, upgrading to Grade 8 Referee will open the door to competitive youth assignments at the U13 level and higher. Please see the article Grade 8 vs Grade 9 for a full description of the differences.

In order to be eligible to upgrade to Grade 8, Referees must be either:
1. At least 16 years old on the day of the class OR
2. Have worked at least 5 games as center referee at the U11 competitive level (or higher).

Grade 9 Referees that wish to upgrade can register for the Grade 8 class on GameOfficials. Referees under 16 that choose to upgrade on the basis of prior game experience should email a game log to syra@risrc.net that shows at least 5 games at the U11 competitive level or higher. An excel spreadsheet is the preferred format. Note that recreational league games are NOT counted towards the 5 game requirement.

Upon completion of the Grade 8 class, and passing of the exam, you will be certified as a Grade 8 Referee.

Current Grade 9 Referees may register for the Grade 8 course in lieu of completing their recertification as a Grade 9 Referee without penalty. Grade 9 Referees that complete Grade 9 Recertification and then complete the Grade 8 class in the same cycle may be eligible for a partial refund of the recertification fee; contact treasurer@risrc.net if this applies to you.