Adult League Rules

Rhode Island Soccer League (Over-30/40) RISL

    • 2012 Fees: $80 / $40 (3-man system) or $80 (one-man system)
    • Unlimited substitutions are allowed with re-entry BUT only 24 are allowed to play
    • Substitutions are permitted at any stoppage of play
    • Red Cards are kept and submitted with the game report with a supplemental
    • if you are emailing the game report the red card need to be mailed by Monday

ALL goal scorers are to be documented on game report
All Red and yellow cards are to be documented on the game report

  • Game report can be submitted by mail per instructions on the game report
  • game reports can be scanned and email to and cc:
  • Call in scores by 6pm to (401) 616-5230 or (401) 714-7774 (cell)
  • Game report can be scanned and emailed to
  • game reports must be done within 24 hours
  • keep a copy of rosters and game report for your records

Rhode Island Women’s Soccer League  RIWSL

    • 2011 Fees: $80 / $40 (3-man system) or $80 (one-man system)
    • Unlimited substitutions are allowed
    • Substitutions permitted on goal kick, kick-off, own throw-ins, 1-for-1 on injury, and any time an opponent makes a sub
    • Submit game report by mail as shown on the game report
    • keep a copy of game report for your records


    • A. Rules for Games The current FIFA Laws of the Game and Universal Guide for Referees shall serve as the official game rules for the League, with the following exceptions:
    • 1. Players may be re-substituted freely up to eighteen players in any game. Only eighteen players may be listed on any game roster.
    • 2. Unlimited substitutions may be made, either on a throw-in when the substituting team has possession or on any goal kick.
    • 3. Unlimited substitutions may be made on the opposing team’s throw in if they are also substituting.
    • B: Rules for Season Play
    • 1. The home team is responsible for all field fees. Each team shall pay half of the referee fees.
    • 2. The home team is to provide a game ball.
    • 3. The home team is responsible for having the field properly marked and equipped with nets and corner markers. If the field is not properly prepared, the home team is assessed the League poor field fine, and the game is played. If the field is considered not fit for play (i.e. no goals, no lines) the visiting team wins the game by forfeit. It is the referee’s decision which level of penalty is assessed.
    • 4. Each team shall wear uniforms of different major colors, goalkeepers shall wear uniforms that distinguish them from all field players. In the event of similar uniforms, the home team shall be required to change color through the use of pinafores or alternate uniforms.
    • 5. Each player on a team, with the exception of the goalkeeper, shall wear a visible, legible, and unique number on the jersey. Each player shall wear the same number throughout the game.
    • 7. No player shall play with jewelry, metal cleats, or cleats with metal showing. Glasses must have plastic frames and safety bands. Added 6/22/08: It is the sole discretion of the referees to determine if any jewelry is acceptable for play. The player is required to comply with the referee’s request to remove jewelry. Taping over jewelry is not considered removal. In almost all cases, wedding bands are permitted.


USA League (Affiliated with US Club Soccer)

please see league website .

Ligas Unidas Soccer Association — LUSA (Affiliated with MASA)

  • Fees: $80 / $40
  • 2 LUSA Rosters are submitted to the referee; ensure coach, manager and referee sign both copies. Other copy goes to the other team.
  • Only players listed on team roster shall be allowed to play in game.
  • LUSA Pass cards are required ID.
  • Starting 11 players, coach and manager passcards checked and collected.
  • Notation must be made on Roster if player uses another form of ID. Player and team director must sign a document and present it to referee.
  • 7 substitutions are allowed with NO re-entry
  • Substitutions are permitted at any stoppage of play
  • Red Cards ARE NOT kept
  • Before game, teams do an international walk-on.
  • Teams must be ready to enter field 15 minutes prior to start of game.
  • In case of color conflict, home team must change uniforms.
  • After the game, Managers are allowed to ask for confirmation of goals and cards of each team.
  • After the game, Center Referees are requested to call Gus 781-858-9394 with game details.
  • Game report is submitted on soccer-schedule by Sunday evening.
  • A USSF Supplemental Report MUST be filed if any send-offs are issued or if serious injuries result.

New England LASA League (Affiliated with MASA)   NELASA

assigned on usofficials

  • Fees: $80 / $40
  • 5 substitutions are allowed with NO re-entry
  • Substitutions are permitted at any stoppage of play
  • Red Cards ARE NOT kept
  • Game report is submitted by mail per instructions on the game report
  • A USSF Supplemental Report MUST be filed if any send-offs are issued

COLLEGE CLUB Soccer Club Rules     assigned on usofficials

Our referees are paid 100.00 for the middle and 50.00 for each AR.
teams – teams ARE responsible for payment. They will sign in refs and send checks
GAME REPORTS – ON USOFFICIALS FOR all assigned positions

 Rules of play refer to

  • Duration 2 40’s NO OVERTIME WILL BE PLAYEDNO jewelry
  • No unpadded hard casts
  • Soft cast must have doctors release
  • No knee braces of hard unyielding material
  • Substitution allowed goal kicks and corner kicks by either team
  • Injured player one for one
  • For a yellow card nor mandatory
  • After goal scored
  • Throw ins possession; team not in possession can only substitute when team in possession subs


Referee fees to be supplied by home teams are:
Referee $75
Assistant $50
Assistant $50
4th $35
The Referee is required to check the player cards against the line-up. After the game they must check score information for accuracy and sign the form before receiving payment for the game.
The 4th official and team assistant are responsible for reporting the correct goal scorers, assists, cards (Y=yellow, R=red).  The home team shall provide the Game Report Form.
Home team is responsible for paying the referees after the game.
Referee, Assistant Referees and 4th Official are responsible for printing their names on the Game Report and checking the box as verification of payment.
The WPSL considers the completion and submission of the required games reports a significant part of the Referee’s responsibilities and duties.  Failure to follow the match reporting requirements may result in a one-third reduction of the referee’s compensation.
The following procedures must be followed:


All the referees need register who are working this league.


                NOTE: prior to officiating any game, referees must register to here to gain proper access to score games:


  1. Welcome page click on “create account”
  2. Fill in the form and click on “create account”
  3. You will receive an email to complete the activation process
  4. Click on activate my account
  5. That will then take you to the registration page. Once there, click on “continue”
  6. Fill out the form. Use the same email with which you created the account. Click on “Review”
  7. Review the information and if it is , click on “complete registration”
  8. You are now able to submit game reports.
  1. The WPSL Score Sheet must be completed, verified and signed by the referee and given to the coach of each team. Referee retains the bottom copy
  2. Send any supplemental report that you feel is necessary to 800-854-0913

Official 2016 WPSL Referee Manual
fee increase in this league effective 2017 90/60/60/50


For a full version of the Bay State Soccer League Bylaws, click here.

BSSL Game Rosters
Game Rosters are printed by the team managers in advance of the game. Managers must supply two copies – one for the Referee and one for the opposing manager. To ensure the eligibility of all players, hand-written alterations to the Game Roster (other than shirt number changes) are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances.

Player ID Check
Fifteen (15) minutes before kick-off, the referee should should verify that each player’s name is printed on the Game Roster and that all are wearing shinguards and matching uniform shirts with unique permanent numbers on the back. To prove their identity, players must produce a valid MASS Soccer ID card. Any player who cannot present a MASS Soccer ID card or who does not appear on the printed Game Roster, is considered INELIGIBLE and must not be allowed to play.

FIFA Rules
All league games including Cup games shall be played in accordance with the current rules of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), except as amended by the League.

Substitution Policy
Free substitution will be allowed at goals, goal kicks, and half time. A team may also substitute during their own throw-in and during the opposing team’s throw-in if the opposing team substitutes at that time. If play is stopped due to injury or if a player receives a yellow card, the injured or carded player may be substituted and the opposing team may elect to match this substitution.

Written Reports
Within 48 hours of the game, Referees should send a written game report along with the Game Rosters to the BSSL Secretary at the address listed on the game rosters.

Game Fee
BSSL games are officiated by a Referee and two Assistant Referees. The Referee is paid $80 and Assistant Referees are paid $40 each. Payment is made prior to game time at the field with each team responsible for one-half of the fees ($80).

Field Inspection
Referees are requested to perform a field and equipment inspection prior to kick-off. If the field is not properly lined and equipped, the Referee may choose to abandon the game. The Referee has the option to allow the game to go ahead even if the field is not not properly lined and equipped. However, both team managers must agree with this decision and the field problems must be noted in the Referee’s game report.

Grace Period
Games must start no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. If at this time the Referee determines that a team is unable to play due to an insufficient number of players, unsuitable uniforms, inadequate player equipment, or unsuitable field preparation, the Referee may abandon the game. The Referee and Assistant Referees are entitled to their game fees, to be paid in full by the forfeiting team. If neither team is able to satisfy the conditions for play, then each team will pay its half of the Referee fees.

If the field is declared unplayable due to weather conditions, the Referee and Assistant Referees are entitled to half of the normal fees.

Referee No-Show
A Referee or Assistant Referee who fails to arrive within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time is not entitled to a fee. In the absence of the Referee, one of the Assistant Referees may assume the responsibilities of Referee and be entitled to the Referee fee. If no Referees are present, the managers may themselves appoint a Referee and play the match, or they can elect to re-schedule.