NSL League



Duration – halves Ball        size


Format crew REF






U09 2X25 minutes 4 7v7 REF only $45 ——– NO
U10 2×25 minutes 4 7v7 REF only $45 ——– NO
U11 2×30 minutes 4 9v9 REF only $50 ——– NO
U12 2×30 minutes 4 9v9 REF only $50 ——– NO
U13-U14 2×35 minutes 5 11v11 REF + ARx2 $55 $40 YES
U15-U16 2×40 minutes 5 11v11 REF + ARx2 $65 $40 YES
U17-U18 2×45 minutes 5 11v11 REF + ARx2 $70 $40 YES

    • MUST register as a referee on https://games.nslsoccer.org
    • all personal ref information name address and email MUST be the same on both usofficials.com and NSLSOCCER.ORG
    • referee games on Sunday
    • upload from usofficials to NSL site takes place between Sunday evening and Monday night
    • Must report game no later than 24 hours after game
    • Unlimited substitutions are allowed
    • Substitutions permitted on ANY STOPPAGE
    • Red cards are NOT kept
    • Game assignments will come from www.usofficials.com/”>www.usofficials.com
    • Referee and Ars report the game on USOFFICIALS!!
    • ONLY mark the game as a serious incident if there was a send off, dismissal or serious injuries
    • Payment is based upon completion of game reports online before 24 hours
    • Further league information can be found nslsoccer.org
    • field closures are posted on nslsoccer.org
    • referee payments – direct deposit thru usofficials must set up payment once per month
    USOfficials.com will keep track of the lateness, and if not reported within 24 hour, it will be considered you did not complete your obligation in order to receive payment. Referees AND ARs need to report the games

    NSL Referees,
    the build out line for 7v7 play. Please refer to the 7v7 guidelines (rules) linked here:


    Please read the 7v7 guidelines thoroughly; refer to the field diagrams as well. Take special notice of the following guidelines:

    • When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play (from the opponent) or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play
    • Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punting is not allowed)
    • BUILd out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called
    • Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line
    • Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line
    • If there is not a build out line drawn on the field, simply place cones on the touchline at each end of the field midway between the penalty box and halfway line. We have to be on the same page on this