Eastern Regional League

Game   Requirements   by   Age
The length of games, ball size, ball weight, and ball dimensions for each age group shall be as follows:
Soccer ball requirements: size #5, circumference 27-28 inches, and weight 14-16 ounces. For U12, ball size is #4.  

age             game length              semi-final/final game length         semi/final OT period

U13          two 35 min halves                       two 35 min halves                 two 10 min halves

U14          two 35 min halves                       two 35 min halves                two 10 min halves

U15          two 40 min halves                       two 40 min halves               two 15 min halves

U16         two 40 min halves                       two 40 min halves                two 15 min halves

U17        two 40 min halves                        two 45 min halves                two 15 min halves

U18       two 40 min halves                         two 45 min halves                two 15 mi halves

Note: Tie scores will stand in all preliminary matches. For any playoff, if the game is still tied at the end of overtime, the FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” rules will determine the winner.


  • Substitutions
  • permitted on any stoppage of play
  • Rule  105  Substitutions
    Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play. There is no limit on re-entry of a substituted player into the game.

Roster   Copies   and   Checking   of   Player   Passes
Each coach must have a copy of his/her team’s official stamped State Association roster and US Youth Soccer player passes at every game. A copy of the roster will be given to the referee. Prior to the start of the game, the referee is required to check player passes against each player and against the names on the official stamped State Association roster. This requirement is not optional and a referee’s refusal to check player passes shall be immediately reported to the League Commissioner following the game.
Official   Game   Report   Form

Prior to the beginning of each game, the home team coach shall be responsible for completing the League’s Official Game Report. The Game Report Form and a copy of the roster from each team will be delivered to the referee prior to kick off.

Upon completion of the game, the referee shall submit the complete Game Report form and both teams’ rosters to the League Commissioner. The referee shall also include details about any red or yellow cards given during the game. This information shall include the date, Players Name, ID Number [if any], Team Name, and reason for each caution or ejection.


Referee Fees #

The Region I Premier League will use the three (3) man system for all games. Referee fees are as follows:

Age Group Center Referee Each Assistant Referee
Under 18 $80 $40
Under 17 $80 $40
Under 16 $80 $40
Under 15 $80 $40
Under 14 $70 $35
Under 13 $70 $35
  • Red cards ARE NOT kept
  • Guest Players will NOT be allowed on any teams participating in the Region I Premier League


Region One premier league game reports

  • After the game, the REFEREE shall submit the completed Game Report Form with Both Official Game Rosters to the Region I Premier League Commissioner by scanning and emailing to lutz2@aol.com or by FAX: (401) 647-1504. If necessary the forms may be mailed to 233 Nipmuc Rd, Foster, RI 02825.
  • The referee shall immediately forward to the Region I Premier League Commissioner details about any red or yellow cards given during the game. The information shall be sent via FAX to (401) 647-1504 or email to: lutz2@aol.com.
  • Web site: www.region1.com

Subregional game reports Northeast league are to be submitted to

Eastern Regional League Commissioner
Steve Votolato
23 Willow Road
Greenville, RI 02828
401-255-5176 (O)
401-949-7857 (F)