USYS State Cup

  • substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
  • For U14 and below, unlimited substitutions shall be allowed.
  • For U15 and above a maximum of 7 substitutions for each team shall be allowed in each game during each half and during any overtime play. After leaving the game during a half of play, the substituted player may NOT re-enter the game during the same half of play. After leaving the game during overtime play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game.
  • U15+ Substitution procedures: The starting 11 players give their player passes to the Assistant Referee prior to the start of the game. All substitutes, before entering the field of play, must give their player passes to the Assistant Referee. Do NOT return the passes of players being substituted for until the end of the half. Return all player passes at the completion of the first half to the team manager or coach.
  • Number of players:
    • U12 8v8: 5 players minimum
    • U12+ 11v11: 7 players minimum
  • Match Duration:
    Age Length Re-entry
    U12 :30 halves Permitted
    U13-U14 :35 halves Permitted
    U15-U16 :40 halves None per half
    U17-U19 :45 halves None per half
  • Fees:
    Age Referee A.R.
    U12 $60 $30
    U13-U14 $64 $32
    U15-U16 $70 $35
    U17-U19 $74 $37

    Standby: $12 per game

  • Any player, including the goalkeeper, must have a number on the back of their uniform. Duplicate numbers are NOT permitted. In the case of a color conflict, the home team will change their uniform. Sleeveless jerseys are permitted.
  • If any player/coach is ejected, the referee shall email Adel Cabral at the following information within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game. (Player/coach name, number, team, and reason for the ejection) Referee will report the incident(s) on the game report. Red Cards are NOT kept.
  • Submit game report and rosters by mail
  • In preliminary rounds, the scores at the end of regulation shall stand!