Super Liga – 2021 Spring Information



Per Team

Ref Fee

AR Fees

U8 $20    
U9-U10 $30 $28 $16
U11-U12 $36 $32 $20
U14 $44 $40 $24
U16 $50 $46 $27
U19 $55 $50 $30
  • SPRING 2021 ONLY – The sportsmanship card WILL be read prior to the match to the team captains and coaches at midfield just before flipping the coin
  • If only one or two officials are able to work a match, the money for the “missing” officials is split in half and given back to the coaches – ALSO ONLY ONE OFFICIAL USES A WHISTLE
  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed
  • Substitutions are permitted during any of these stoppages:
    • Goal kicks (either side)
    • Kick-offs (either side)
    • A team’s own throw-in
      • if the team taking the throw-in makes a substitution, the opposing team may substitue as well
    • An Injury (the injured player and one player from the opposing team if desired)
    • A Caution (the Cautioned player may be substituted, and if that happens the opposing team may substitute one player)
  • Player and coach passes are not kept by the referee – simply verify the pass is valid and let the coach keep the passes
  • Game report is submitted via Assign by Super Liga website
  • Further league information can be found at The SuperLiga website