Lapses (updated April 24, 2020)

All officials, instructors, assignors, assessors, and referee coaches are required to be registered for the current year prior to bein involved with any US Soccer affiliated match. Any referee that has missed one or more years of registration should contact the RISRC to obtain information about recertification.

US Soccer recommends these items as policy:

  • Any individual being away from their respective program for three (3) years or less should meet the established recertification requirements.
  • Any individual being away from their respecive program for four (4) years or more should begin the new certification process in its entirety.
  • Re-certification lapsed license eligibility is based off registration year, not calendar year. For example, if a referee’s last certification was in the 2016 registration cycle, they would not be able to recertify in September of 2019 as that is considered part of the 2020 registration cycle.

RISRC typical registration cycle begins on September 1 and ends on April 1.