Becoming a Regional Referee

Upgrades in referee grade are available for referees interested in working games at a higher level.

To upgrade from a Grassroots Referee to a Regional Referee, the individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. Referee must be Age 18 Years or Older
  2. Referee must submit a list of games officiated over their entire referee carreer: 50 Games as a Referee and 25 as an Assistant Referee at Local Adult Amateur Level
  3. Referee must be registered as a Grassroots Referee for a minimum of three (3) consecutive Years
  4. Referee must attend and complete a Regional Referee Course (which includes the standard online modules and Regional Referee Quiz)
  5. Referee must attend and complete a Fitness Test
  6. Referee must obtain a minimum of 3 Passing Evaluations as a Referee (2 at Adult Amateur Level & 1 at Highest Youth (U18 or U19) – 2 x 45 minute half matches) – each evaluation must be done by a different referee coach

If you are interested in upgrading, please contact any member of the SRC for more details.