Becoming a New Referee Course Information – July 2021 – COURSE IS OPEN!!!!

The RISRC uses a website hosted by US Soccer to register and administer all referee courses at all age and experience levels. The website is known as the US Soccer Learning Center (USSLC) and can be found at The New Referee Course for Summer 2021 is NOW OPEN and can be found at this link:

We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you do NOT use a school email address as your account – we have found in the past that many school systems prevent emails from anywhere outside that school system. Our suggestion would be to create an email account for yourself using Gmail or Hotmail or Cox or Verizon or whatever. Once you create the account, you’ll receive an email from USSLC to confirm that the address is valid and USSLC can successfully send emails to that account.

The USSLC course will start taking registrations July 5, and registration will close on SEPT 1. As a prospective referee, you will have until SEPT 11 to finish all of the online modules in the course. The cost of the course is $90 and that includes certification for 2021 and 2022. NO ONE will be able to register for the course until they have turned 13 years old. Also if you are 18 years old or over, you will also have to submit to an online background check (for a cost of $30, good for two calendar years).

Once you are able to register for the course, you will find the following online modules under the [Assignments] Tab:
– Background Check (if 18 or older)
– SafeSport Training (if 18 or older)
– Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
– First Time Grassroots Online Module
– First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz (52 total questions, must get 25 correct)

Don’t worry too much about these right now – we just want to give you an idea what was required for the online portion of the course. In addition to the online materials, each student will also have to attend ONE in-person field session ( which will be approximately 3 hours long ). Our goal will be to schedule at least 6 ( and preferably 8 ) field sessions scattered around the state – you will ONLY have to attend ONE and you can choose the ONE that best fits your schedule. The field sessions have NOT been scheduled yet – we are currently working with local referee coordinators in towns in RI to try to arrange for field sessions across the state (cause, you know, Rhode Islanders don’t like driving over 15 minutes) between roughly middle of July and middle of September. During the field session, you will learn the basics of flag signals, referee signals, how to use the whistle, basics about where to stand on the field (both as a referee and an assistant), offside, fouls, and so on. The last hour (or so) of the field session will involve a local U12 or U14 team doing game situation simulations, and you will take turns being referee / assistant to give you a “feel” for the job. When you come to a field session, expect to RUN so you’ll want to dress appropriately (t-shirt / sneakers / etc). You won’t need shinguards (if you already use them as a player) but you will want to bring your own flags and whistles.

Speaking of referee equipment (like shirts / flags / socks / whistles) – if you are looking for a place to buy referee equipment, we suggest the Official Sports website ( ). They are the recognized authorized provider of all referee equipment for US Soccer officials. You may also be able to buy equipment from local retailers such as DMK Sports in Smithfield (

We are also going to try to host one or two Zoom meetings (which will be open to the public) so that individuals can join and ask any questions they might have about certification, Learning Center, or whatever. Once these Zoom meetings have been scheduled, we will post the information.

If you need help with the US Soccer Learning Center, try this page:

If you are under 13 OR you just want to work in Recreational games in your town, we recommend that you contact the local Referee Coordintoar for your town. The list of Referee Coordinators can be found at this link: You DO NOT need to be a certified referee in order to officiate Recreational games – we have found that this is a GREAT opportunity for people to get an understanding of the job in a fairly low pressure environment, and it’s great training for when you are ready to become certified (in order to do competitive games).