RI Regional Referees

If you don’t see your name and think you should be on this list, please contact the SDA.

Note: In order to remain a Regional referee, you MUST complete your 2 Mandatory Assessments.

Referee NameRegistered WithStatus
Devin MillerRI SRCCurrent
Neil FergusonRI SRCCurrent
Nick DelGrecoRI SRCCurrent
Omar RoaRI SRCCurrent
Michael DeRondeRI SRCCurrent
Naoufal HmiddoucheRI SRCCurrent
Shannon MalloyRI SRCCurrent
Kohl PeasleyRI SRCCurrent
Daniel DeBurgoRI SRCCurrent
Andrew CalleRI SRCCurrent
Antonino RizzoRI SRCCurrent
Edgar GarzonRI SRCCurrent
Andrew GrenierRI SRCCurrent